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Private William Doherty

Private William Doherty

William George Doherty. 43551.  Private. Royal New Zealand Infantry Regiment. Victor Four Company.

New Zealand Gazette Number 56 dated 17 September 1970

Private Doherty joined the Regular Army as an infantryman in May 1968.  He served in Malaysia from November 1968 until May 1969 when he arrived in Vietnam as a machine gunner in Victor Four Company.

On the evening of 17th June 1969, Private Doherty opened fire on a superior force of enemy attempting to penetrate his platoon position.  By skilful and determined use of claymores, grenades and fire of his own machine gun, he killed at least three of the enemy.  The enemy immediately counter-attacked and for the next four hours Private Doherty steadfastly maintained his post using his machine gun to such good effect that all enemy attempts to penetrate the position in his sector were defeated.

On 25th September 1969, Private Doherty had just sited his machine gun to cover members of his platoon taking a water resupply when he observed a group of at least twelve enemy approaching.  He immediately engaged the enemy and despite heavy and accurate return fire he succeeded in killing three of the enemy and forcing the remainder to flight.

On both occasions Private Doherty showed great initiative and resolution.  His skill at arms is attested by the casualties he inflicted on the enemy.  His personal courage and coolness under fire were revealed in his willingness to initiate contact with larger enemy forces, and, having revealed his position, to maintain it in the face of determined enemy counter-attack.

Throughout his tour of duty in the Republic of Vietnam Private Doherty consistently displayed personal and infantry skills of the highest order and his conduct reflects great credit to himself, his company and the ANZAC Battalion.

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