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Private Richard Dargaville

Private Richard Dargaville

Richard Dick Dargaville. 41269.  Private. Royal New Zealand Infantry Regiment. Victor Two Company. New Zealand Gazette Number 65 dated 17 October 1968.  Private Dargaville joined The New Zealand Army on 9 October 1964 and after serving with the 1st Battalion, Royal New Zealand Infantry Regiment in Malaysia and Borneo, arrived in Vietnam on 12 November, 1967 as a machine gunner with Victor Two Company, for service with the 2nd Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment / New Zealand (ANZAC) Battalion.On 7 February 1968, during Operation Coburg in Bien Hoa Province, Victor Two Company was attacked by a strong enemy force.  Private Dargaville was manning his machine gun in 6 Platoon on the perimeter of the company position.  At about 0700 hours a squad sized group of enemy began to move down the flank which was covered by Private Dargaville, in an attempt to outflank the position. Private Dargaville engaged the enemy with his machine gun, preventing the enemy from moving further forward.  The enemy located the position of Private Dargaville and his gun and brought forward a rocket launcher to destroy his position.  Each time Private Dargaville fired, he was engaged by the rocket launcher.  After six rockets were fired at him, Private Dargaville crawled forward from his position until he could see the enemy soldier manning the rocket launcher.  He threw grenades until this soldier was killed and his rocket launcher silenced.  Private Dargaville returned to his gun position and continued to engage the enemy until they were forced to withdraw.Again on the night of the 5 April 1968, in an ambush position west of Hoa Long in Phuoc Tuy Province, Private Dargaville was machine gunner, when an enemy patrol approached his position.  When the leading enemy was three yards from him, he opened fire killing this soldier.  He then immediately trained his machine gun on the remainder of the enemy with devastating effect.  A total of six enemy were killed in this combat.Private Dargaville by his personal bravery, devotion to duty and positive action has shown himself to be an outstanding soldier and an inspiration to his comrades.  His actions have brought great credit to himself, his company and the ANZAC Battalion. 

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