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Corporal Howard Wilson

Corporal Howard Wilson

Howard Owen Wilson.40303.  Corporal.Royal New Zealand Infantry Regiment. Victor Two Company. New Zealand Gazette Number 65 dated 17 October 1968. Corporal Wilson enlisted in the New Zealand Amy on 4 March 1963 and was subsequently posted to the 1st Battalion, The Royal New Zealand Infantry Regiment.  He served in Malaysia and Borneo with that battalion from November 1965 to November 1967, when he was posted to Victor Two Company for service in Vietnam on 12 November 1967.  He served as a section commander in 5 Platoon, Victor Two Company until March 1968 when he was evacuated as a result of his wounds received on 7 February 1968. On 7 February 1968, during Operation Coburg in Bien Hoa Province, Victor Two Company was occupying a defensive position when it was attacked by a large enemy force.  Corporal Wilson’s section was occupying a portion of the company perimeter which came under heavy automatic and rocket fire.  When a group of fifteen enemy attempted to move across the section front, Corporal Wilson fired his claymores immediately killing five of the enemy.  For the next hour the section continued to receive heavy automatic and rocket fire wounding some members of the section including Corporal Wilson.  He was later wounded a second time but refused to leave his position and continued to control and direct the fire of his men, until he finally received a third and more serious wound.  Although badly wounded by this stage, Corporal Wilson insisted that more seriously wounded soldiers be treated before him and refused to be evacuated until the other wounded men had been lifted out by helicopter.Corporal Wilson’s personal example and disregard for his own wounds was a great inspiration to the men under his command.  His section killed a large number of the enemy and wounded many more.  Although the section position was hard pressed throughout the attack they fought back with such determination that the enemy were never able to seriously threaten the company position from Corporal Wilson’s sector. By his personal courage, devotion to duty and care of his men while badly wounded Corporal Wilson brought great credit to himself, his unit and the ANZAC Battalion. 

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