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Private Gordon Dalziel

Private Gordon Dalziel

Gordon John Dalziel. 41584.  Private. Royal New Zealand Infantry Regiment. Whisky Two Company. New Zealand Gazette Number 62 dated 16 October 1969. Private Dalziel enlisted in the New Zealand Army on 1 April, 1965.  He arrived in Vietnam with Whisky Two Company on 30 October 1968. On the night of 23 February 1969, during Operation Federal, Whisky Two Company was occupying a defensive position east of the Long Binh area.  At 2020 hours a noise was heard on the defensive wire and a flare was tripped.  Two enemy were seen by Private Dalziel.  He engaged them with claymores and both enemy were killed. At the time Private Dalziel was manning an M60 machine gun which covered the area of the movement.  Further movement was heard and this developed into an assault by an enemy company.  The first enemy rush was stopped on the defensive wire but several other determined probes were put in on the perimeter covered by Private Dalziel’s section.  After bitter fighting the contact was broken at 2200 hours.Throughout the contact Private Dalziel continued to engage any enemy movement within his allotted arc and his fire was instrumental in breaking up the first enemy assault.  So effective was his fire that his position attracted the bulk of enemy fire.  Heavy small arms fire and a number of RPG rockets were fired at the gun to silence it, and four soldiers in the near vicinity of Private Dalziel were wounded.  Despite the heavy enemy fire directed at him, Private Dalziel continued effective fire into the area of the main enemy concentration, until the enemy were forced to break contact.During the sweep the next morning six enemy bodies were found directly in front of Private Dalziel’s machine gun.  A large number of blood pools and drag marks indicated that a considerable number of other enemy had been killed or wounded and had been recovered during the night.Private Dalziel’s steadfastness was instrumental in the defence of the Whisky Two Company position during the early stages of the enemy attack.  His example of coolness under fire and complete disregard for his own safety was an inspiration to all who saw him and was in the highest traditions of the New Zealand Army. 

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