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The Governor-General's Strategy, 2016-2021

The role of the Governor-General

  • To be a symbol of national unity and leadership.
  • To maintain the legitimacy and continuity of government.
  • To provide constitutional, ceremonial, international and community leadership.

Vision for 2016-2021

  • New Zealanders value and celebrate creativity, innovation, leadership and diversity.
  • All New Zealanders understand the role of the Office of the Governor-General, value the difference that the role makes to Aotearoa New Zealand’s sense of national identity, and feel part of a confident, forward looking and respected nation.


  • Build nationhood and a strong, successful and vibrant Aotearoa New Zealand through the ceremonial, constitutional, international and community activities of the Governor-General.
  • Honour and respect the Treaty of Waitangi and tikanga Maori.
  • Shine the spotlight on the achievements and iconic activities of New Zealanders and so inspire our future.


  • Respect the tradition and history of the Office of the Governor-General.
  • Celebrate diverse achievements by New Zealanders and communities.
  • Encourage wide ranging contributions that enhance Aotearoa New Zealand as a place to live and as a global citizen.
  • Connect people and communities.
  • Innovate by demonstrating modern and relevant ways of working.

Strategic priorities 2016-2021

  • Creativity - celebrating the diverse arts and culture of New Zealand.
  • Innovation - turning new and imaginative ideas into reality.
  • Leadership - helping people and communities achieve significant goals.
  • Diversity - encompassing different people, perspectives and their contribution

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