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Second Lieutenant Julian Ballance

Second Lieutenant Julian Ballance

Julian Balance. 42875.  Second Lieutenant. Royal New Zealand Armoured Corps. Att 3 Cav Regt, RAAC

New Zealand Gazette Number 56 dated 17 September 1970

The late Second Lieutenant Ballance graduated from the Officer Cadet School, Portsea, on 7 June 1968 and was allotted to the Royal New Zealand Armoured Corps.  He was attached to B Squadron, 3 Cavalry Regiment in Vietnam on 10 May 1969.

On 5 August 1969, Second Lieutenant Ballance was in command of an ambush of six armoured personnel carriers on the coast near the Nui Tam Bo hills.  In darkness, at approximately 2030 hours an enemy armed party approached his position.  As the enemy stopped just on the edge of the selected killing ground he decided to initiate the ambush.

As soon as the claymores fired he gave orders for the three armoured personnel carriers, including his own to charge down the beach into the enemy.  The enemy party was so surprised by this quick action that a total of 15 were killed out of a party of 25.

In this and other engagements against the enemy Second Lieutenant Ballance displayed his leadership qualities.  In his duties as a troop officer he always produced excellent results.  His efforts over a period of twelve months are a credit to him and a fine example to all.

Lieutenant Ballance’s award is being received today by his widow – Mrs Jennifer Ballance

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