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Invitations, patronage and cards

Dame Cindy applauds the performers

You can invite the Governor-General to attend or host events, or be a patron of your organisation.

You can also apply to have congratulatory cards sent out for notable birthdays and anniversaries.

In this section

  • Invitations for the Governor-General

    Online forms to invite the Governor-General to your event, essential information on event organisation and answers to some basic questions about protocol.
  • Hosting the Governor-General

    Find out what to do when you host the Governor-General.
  • Order of precedence in New Zealand

    A guide to the precedence of constitutional office holders and others, to be followed at State and official functions.
  • Applying for vice-regal patronage

    Organisations seeking vice-regal patronage must apply to the Governor-General, with patronage normally lasting for the duration of the Governor-General’s term of office.
  • Current vice-regal patronages

    The system of vice-regal patronage in New Zealand follows the tradition of royal patronage established in the United Kingdom, although the practices of granting Royal Warrants and Royal Charters has not been continued here.

  • Congratulatory messages

    Each year, Government House sends messages to people in New Zealand to celebrate significant wedding anniversaries and birthdays.
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Tuesday, 13 June 2017

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