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Corporal Raumoa Kingi

Corporal Raumoa Kingi

Raumoa Te Rangiataahua Kingi. 37686.  Corporal. Royal New Zealand Infantry Regiment. Whiskey Two Company. New Zealand Gazette Number 20 dated 2 April 1970

The late Corporal Kingi joined the Regular Force Cadets in 1957 and completed a five year engagement in the Royal New Zealand Armoured Corps.  He re-joined the Regular Force in April 1965, seeing service as an infantryman in Malaysia and Borneo before his first tour of duty in Vietnam in May 1966 with Victor One Company.  He returned to Vietnam in November 1968 as a Section Commander with Whisky Two Company.

On 19 January 1969, leading elements of Corporal Kingi’s section contacted a number of enemy moving on a track.  Corporal Kingi ran forward of his section to better engage the advancing enemy.  He was immediately subjected to heavy small arms fire, but without regard for his own safety started to engage the enemy with his rifle and with hand grenades and at the same time direct the fire and movement of his section.  His bold action allowed his section time to reorganise and, together with the remaining sections of the platoon, face a new threat which developed on their right flank.  Both enemy assaults were defeated and casualties inflicted.

On 23 February 1969, Corporal Kingi was commanding his section when the Company defended position came under heavy attack.  In the ensuing battle, all claymores forward of his section were fired and the position was almost continuously engaged by enemy small arms fire and rocket-propelled grenades.  Corporal Kingi constantly moved amongst his section encouraging them and directing their fire.  When the order to replace claymores was received, Corporal Kingi removed his boots and alone crawled forward to the outer wire to carry out this task.

During his year’s tour, Corporal Kingi has always shown the highest qualities of leadership and a disregard for his own safety.  Whenever contact with the enemy was imminent he always took over the scout’s position in his section. 

The quality of his personal example, his willingness to occupy the most hazardous positions and his consistently prompt and aggressive actions in the face of the enemy are worthy of recognition and reflect great credit to himself, his unit and the New Zealand Army.

Corporal Kingi’s award is being received today by his nephew Barry Kingi-Thomas. 

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