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Lance Bombadier Douglas Morrow

Lance Bombadier Douglas Morrow

Douglas Thomas Arthur Morrow. 209482.  Lance Bombardier. Royal New Zealand Armoured Corps. Posted to 161 Battery as a Driver Operator. New Zealand Gazette Number 53 dated 12 September 1966. The late Lance Bombardier Morrow joined the New Zealand Army and was posted to 161 Battery, RNZA for service in Vietnam in July 1965.  On 11 October 1965, LBdr Morrow was a member of a 161 Battery Forward Observation Party attached to ‘A’ Company of the 1st Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment (1RAR) on operations in the Ben Cat area of Vietnam.  At approximately 1630 hrs ‘A’ Company commenced clearing an area which was to be occupied by the remainder of the Battalion that night.  After moving approximately one kilometre into the area an explosion occurred amongst the leading platoon.  This was immediately followed by another explosion amongst the Company Headquarters group.  The Company immediately went into a position of all-round defence and attempts were made to ascertain the source of the explosions.  Lance Bombardier Morrow and two other Australian soldiers had been seriously wounded in the second explosion.  All of them had been thrown to the ground, and although conscious, were all in considerable pain and bleeding profusely.  Lance Bombardier Morrow had received compound fractures of both legs and multiple shrapnel wounds over the rest of his body.  At this stage, owing to the density of the vegetation, the extent of the threat to the Company was not known.  Although he was probably the most seriously wounded soldier, Lance Bombardier Morrow remained calm and was the only one able to explain the explosions were caused by booby traps.  Whilst his wounds were being dressed he described how and where the booby traps had been set up.  From this information the Company Commander was able to make an immediate re-assessment of his plans and thus prevent any more casualties from what later proved to be a very heavily booby trapped area.Since the arrival of 161 Battery in the Republic of Vietnam, Lance Bombardier Morrow has served as a member of a Forward Observation Party.  During this time his combat service has been characterised by his outstanding courage, determination and devotion to duty. This reflects great credit on himself, his unit and the New Zealand Army. Bombardier Morrow’s award is being received today by his son Mr Bryan Morrow

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