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Viscount Galway, GCMG, DSO, OBE, PC

Term (in Years): 
1935 to 1941
Governor-General of New Zealand

Sir George Vere Arundell Monckton-Arundell Galway, 8th Viscount, was born in 1882. He was educated at Eton and Oxford.

Sir George failed in a Parliamentary bid in 1910. He joined the Life Guards and in the First World War  he became Adjutant-General and Quartermaster-General. He was Colonel-Commandant of the Life Guards and Royal Artillery Company between the Wars.

His term as Governor-General of New Zealand was extended because of World War II.

He was Lord Lieutenant of Nottinghamshire after his return to England. He died in 1943.

Biographical information courtesy of NZ Almanack

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