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Educational resources

Teachers who are planning a visit to Government House may wish to use the following resource to help prepare their trip:

New Zealand's Governor-General - Representing our King and Country - This education resource is targeted at levels 3,4,5 of the NZ Curriculum. Please adapt the activities to suit your learning requirements.  We recommend the unit is supported by a class visit to Government House Wellington (in-person or via zoom).

The Governor-General and Government House Activity Book - Ideal for years 4-8 as a pre-visit or post-visit activity book.  A mix of fun and topic-based activities. To print, use A4 paper, double-sided print, flip on short edge.

Inspirational New Zealanders Teaching Unit and supporting material- Aimed at Level 2 of the NZ Curriculum and focusing on celebrating achievement, leadership and volunteers in our communities and schools. We recommend visiting Government House Wellington to support learning. Tours are available in-person or via zoom.  

If you would like the accompanying powerpoint please contact the Visitor Centre. 

We Can Be Heroes - This supports the Inspirational New Zealanders Teaching Unit.

If you would like it in a powerpoint format please contact the Visitor Centre.


Several other agencies have prepared educational resources on New Zealand's system of government.

They include:

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