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Lunch for the Aotearoa Circle

The Aotearoa Circle is attracting increasing numbers of leaders in the public and private sector who recognise the urgent need to address the wellbeing of our natural resources, while finding ways to pursue sustainable prosperity. Dame Patsy is Patron and hosted a meeting of Circle members in Auckland on Wednesday. We were inspired by their commitment to work together for change.We heard from visiting UK environmentalist, Sir Jonathon Porritt (son of a previous Governor-General, Sir Arthur Porritt) and received an update on Aotearoa Circle work-streams focussing on biodiversity, finance for sustainable business initiatives, and the marine environment.

Their Excellencies with guests at the lunch for the Aotearoa Circle
Dame Patsy and Sir Jonathon Porritt with a tree planted by his father, Governor-General Sir Arthur Porritt

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