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Sweet Louise morning tea in Wellington

Following on from the successful Auckland event, it was Government House Wellington's turn to host members of Sweet Louise for morning tea this week.

Sweet Louise is a charitable organisation who help people with incurable breast cancer live as long as possible, as well as possible.

The charity provides free support to anyone diagnosed with advanced breast cancer, through meetings, one-on-one support and help with essential items. 

Around 32 members of Sweet Louise and staff were given a guided tour of the House followed by a morning tea.

Dame Patsy and Sweet Louise CEO Cathrin Devonald spoke, with Dame Patsy talking about her memories of the original Louise, Louise Perkins, who lived with a terminal diagnosis of breast cancer for 10 years and whose husband Scott launched Sweet Louise to honour her memory and support others in the same position.

Image of Dame Patsy with members of Sweet Louise

Image of Dame Patsy with members of Sweet Louise


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